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Forma Atlanta Sports In All A Nsj Falcons Sportive Jones Line Julio Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones Forma ,Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones Forma | NSJ Sportive | All Sports in a Line

Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones Forma Nsj Sportive All Sports In A LineAtlanta beat parma 3-1 in the last round of the away tournament on Thursday, winning 3 of the last 4 games and drawing 1.In the middle of the week, atalanta host 17th-placed bologna, a favorite of atalanta, who have won every game in their last six meetings, winning eight, drawing one and losing one in their last ten.In addition, atalanta's current squad is also very well organized, the team only the central defender tolloy injury, but the overall impact will not be too big.Bologna's 2-1 home win over sassolo in the last round was not enough to keep bologna out of the relegation zone, but at least they are two points clear of empoli, who are 18th in the table.Bologna, who had won just 2, 8, 11 and 11 in the first 21 rounds, have now beaten cagliari, torino and sassuolo for the third straight win.The only victory in the last 10 trips to Atlanta came in 2009, and since then the last seven trips have been 2-5 and the last four lost.However, bologna, who have won the last three consecutive games, are in high spirits.Atalanta are super strong offensively, averaging 2.07 goals per game, tied with Juventus for the most.Two of the strikers, alessandro zapata and Mario gomez, have been named as the team of the tournament, reflecting the team's recent attacking form.But the team is conceding 1.38 goals per game, the most in the top six.The outside world gave the home team a 1 goal advantage, the afternoon expanded to 1.25, but back to 1 goal, the goal number 2.5/3 is always the same, with atalanta's attacking power, such data is not very favorable, bologna lose at most 1 goal.Southeast football solution plate introduction: football old driver, from a professional perspective to predict the outcome

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